How do I make it so when my counter reaches 50, more triggers appear?

Umm… Just read the title, yeah!

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(Counter) Target Value Reached —> (Trigger) Activate Trigger


(Counter) Target Value Reached —> (Trigger) Trigger

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Appear or trigger or activate? any of the ways just have when target reached either activate, or trigger the triggers using channels

Oop, thanks @Haiasi, I forgot to remove the mini-guide from my old draft!

How do make the check?

What do you mean by that?
Please elaborate on that.

It will not check manually, you just go in counter setting and there will be target and have target on to 50 and it auto checks it for you.

In check #1, what do I put?

It’s not a checker, it’s just a counter and trigger.

You dont have to have a check just have counter to broadcast when target is reached or use a wire…


Did it work?

Once the target value is reached, can it keep going?

it does but you can reset it back to default starting number… so when trigger is triggered/activated it will reset counter.

No, my target was 50 but nothing happened.

Yes, it can.

Did the counter reach 50?
Can you show a screenshot in-game?
Are your triggers visible in-game?

The one that’s gonna be activated isn’t.

Then how will you know if it got activated?

It’s a clicker (with triggers) game.