How do i make it so only i can go in a room but no one else can enter

idk how to do it do any one of yall know how to

Add a trigger with max triggers of 1. Wire it to a barrier so that trigger triggered → deactivate barrier.

A better solution would be to have you to be the host, give the host an item (lifecycle → item granter), and when stepping on the trigger (remove max triggers), send a message to a checker that checks for the item. If true, deactivate barrier.

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You could also have a player-scoped property that makes it so the first player has a barrier unlocked for them. You could do this with a lifecycle and a counter, when lifecycle runs counter reaches its target value, which unlocks the barrier. (I think)

Welcome to the forum! I hope you have fun here! Anyway, the lifecycle can also be used for tower host options like giving them a certain item.

i will try it thank you

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Or make the lifecycle just deactivate the barrier.

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