How do I make it so it notifies a player someone stole their flag

How do I make it so when a player steals team blues or 1 flag it notifies team 1
_____ Has stolen your flag

Where I am at with the Blocks

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I want it to be Custom text tho But Thanks

I think you need to switch number to two instead of 1

Why’d you make another topic?

I forget what its called but you can wire it to the flag and the when it picks up the flag it pops up and says “so and so took the flag”

Why is this so confusing??

I think you need to use relays because otherwise your notification wont pop up

Are you useing any guides or refrences, if so please show us. I just made the notification pop-up whenever the flag was stolen, but it didn’t say who specifically.

(Capture The Flag for the Mode Madness)

It anyways works btw

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