How do I make it so EACH player can only press a button once?

Like I said, How do I make it so EACH player can only press a button once? And, I really put emphasis on each. Because, when I ask this, they make it so the entire button can only be pressed ONCE. By one person. But I don’t want that.

Ok, so when opening the button edit tab, to go all options, and scroll down to scope. Set the scope to player. Then take a wire repeater, and wire the button to the wire repeater, and the repeater to the button. Make the repeater deactivate the button.


Couldn’t u also set the scope to player, and in the feature section where it says when button pressed transmit on type in deactivate
And then in the channels section where it says deactivate button when receiving on deactivate

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To illustrate, this:

I think any one of these are solutions.

hey @GimGuy i forgot what is this called

Wire Repeater

oh ok thanks @GimGuy !!

this method also works

make the button send a signal on a channel, and also make the button deactivate when it recieves a signal from that channel. then set scope to player

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