How do I make it say you are on a streak once you get a certain amount of kil ls?

I’m trying to make it so when you get a streak of 5 kil ls without dying, it says you are on a streak but wont make you stop playing like a popup

I don’t know if its even possible but if it is can someone please help


Yes! Give me just a moment!

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Use a game overlay wired to a ko manager or lifecycle (Using blocks)
(Make everything player scoped)
Like wire the Ko or life cycle to a counter, make the counter update a property, and in the block code of the overlay make it say something like “Your score” get property “Streak”
So the block code should be:

Set text create text with get property "Streak"

If you don’t understand look at this guide:


do I just make another one then for like a 10 or 15 kil l streak?


Have a KO manager connected to a relay with player scope connected to a counter and when player KO’d activate relay which increments counter when target value reached give them a damage and speed boost, also have it appear in top right as “___‘’ is on a’’ ___” player elimination streak!"


Sorry, all of the guides can’t be posted here.
You can send a notification once a certain amount is reached.

:mag_right: Look up the word “streak” in the search bar. Multiple guides shall show up.
They should help accomplish what you are trying to do.


I will look at that thank you

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