How do I make it give you a random fish when you fish in my gimkit map?

I tried this many times but no mater what I do, it doesn’t work and I really want to get this done but I dont know how!

A simple randomizer that broadcasts on channels. I’ll explain later.

Here’s a tutorial
(not mine)

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Does this make it randomize the amount of fish, or the type of fish you get?

the type

you could do the amount too

just change the item giver to a different amount of items instead of a different type of item.

Yep! And there is even a specific block for that!

Could you send a picture please, I’m a bit confused.

A picture for what?

you could add another packet using a property to change how much fish you get, if you wanted to have a random amount
oorrr there’s a simpler way

I’m trying to randomize the type of fish, not the amount of fish. Also I need a picture of the block that will do that.

its in the guide

Okay simple, in my guide if you follow all the steps correctly you should be able to have randomized fishing. (or build the tldr image to have it). Simpily change the name of the broadcast and then in an item granter change the item to the fish in it and the channel it has to receive on to grant the item. so if we didn’t want green fish but we wanted lets say beach fish, we’d change “Green Fish” to “Beach Fish”
as you can see in these images
change to

then in the blockcode we want to go from this
to this
What this does is make the code broadcast on “Beach Fish” instead of “Green Fish”

This can also be done for any fish

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Thanks Cryptoraider_Gemkit! I havent tested it yet but It looks like it might work.

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Use the button technique. When you press a button, a giver will give you the fish. You could then use block coding to randomize the chances of getting a certain fish.

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Well, we did get a solution, so you should probably mark a solution soon.

I can’t mark one yet because I havent tested it yet, I’ll do that right now!

Use teleporters! Make it so that the game will teleport you to teleporter group (NUMBER) When you trigger fishing. Then mke it so that “When teleported here, give player [ITEM]”. You would need multiple teleporters that are a part of group (NUMBER).