How do I make gimberrys consumable and give 100 health and shield

i need help making gimberrys consumable

frist, welcome @ttv_goon97 and let me see what i can do.

Make a button around the gimberry and make its message say "Eat GimBerry’. Get a health granter and wire it to the button so that when it’s pressed. health and shield is granted.

i need it to stay in the players inventory until they chose to consume it when the choose

Then use a game overlay.

get game overlay, that is a button that says eat gimberry, and then wire the game over lay to a vending mashian that takes the gimberry, wire the vending mashian to a heath granter, and it should work., kinda like this,

You can just use this guide a switch the fish for berry. Then have a granter grant health and shield when button is pressed, it will do the simulation you want.

@WolfTechnology lol thats bacically what is said, but said better

Oh my bad… I didn’t look at the new responces, I was just searching for a guide, so my bad!

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your find @WolfTechnology :smiley: hope this helps you @ttv_goon97

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Make sure to give the user some time to solve! :pinching_hand:

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sorry :smiley:

thanks for the help everyone


TF2 health pack system?

What @AWESOMEPRO3912 ?

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I just got the idea in my head that when a player picked up a med pack off of an item granter, then have it transmitted it to a channel to grant health once they picked it up. So then they would gain the health instantly instead of having to use the med pack alone.

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Cool! That would be interesting to see.

That sounds good and simple! But channels can be confusing, so make sure you got them right!
But maybe some things would go wrong…

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indeed, channels can be a little goofy