How do I make different people spawn in different places in a free-for-all?

I’m making a Hunger Games-ish Gimkit in free-for-all, and I need the players to spawn in different places at the Cornucopia. Help?

Yes, in the spawn pads, there are settings to restrict them into different teams. Since in free for all everyone is on a team by themselves, this will work. Mark this as a solution if it works, and welcome to the forum!

welcome to the forum

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but if i’m doing a free for all, how would it work? you can’t have 1-player teams.

Setting it to free for all puts each player on their own team.

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You can set the team mode to 1 player per team and then have them spawn at different spawn pads. :tada: Also, welcome to the forum! :tada:

how do you do that?
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Are you talking to me or Grey_stone?

Do what?

grey_stone is who i’m talking to

I believe in map options you can set it to free for all

It’s in “map options.” I’m not sure if you can make one player teams, but free for all splits everyone on a team, as I said, so you don’t need to do that if you already have free for all.

Hold up NavyCatz I tried it with a test account but we were on the same team. Do I need to rejoin with the test account for it to work?

Send me a screenshot of your team setting in “map options.”

Nevermind, mine doesn’t work because you can only have a minimum of 2 players per team, not one.

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