How do I make collision= death to player?

I am making a deathrun game and I need to make obstacles so that when the player touches them they die and respawn, I saw it in another game but I did not see any posts about it, any help is welcome.

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Put lasers as your obstacle.

Do you know if it is possible to do it with barrier blocks because that was what I was planning on using.

You could just set the lasers to have no start or end and put a lot of them next to each other.

Ok I will try that, but I will not mark this as a solution yet in case someone else has a solution with barrier blcoks

You could also use zones and activate them the same way you activate the barrier then wire a respawn to it and set it to where when player enters zone β†’ respawn player.

Also disable collision on the barriers so that its fast enough to kill them but they can stlll go through it and activate the system

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Ok thanks I think this might be what the other person did in their speedrun world.

I would imagine thanks for marking me as a solution. I always appreciate it. Have a good one.

Wait how do I disable collision on a barrier? Oh wait nevermind found it.

it should be a setting in the barrier give me a sec to check that out

Looks like you can’t disable its collision. so just make it big enough for the player to trigger it.

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