How do I make an upgrade system like in one way out?

I’m trying to make a one way out inspired map but can’t figure out how to make the upgrade system that is used. does anyone know how I could do this?

what do you mean “upgrade system”

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Welcome to the community @radio! To make that system just place sentys down and up their difficulty. You will have to have a few options when you start the game to select difficulty to spawn which type of sentrys. And when that is selected, it will spawn seentrys of that difficulty. You will have to place a lot of senteyrs in each place for each type of difficulty and the others will not spawn if not that difficulty.

like the shop where when you purchase each item and each rarity

Use multple vending machines

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Just place item spawners and each type of weapon, then copy it for each rarity and add a barrier over them. Then add a vending machine that grants nothing, but takes away your currency item. And wire it to each barrier of that type of weapon. You will have to do this to each weapon type. Make sure the wire is when purchased, deactivate barrier.

right I can see that but how would it unlock for the entire team once one person purchases it

set the purchase to global.

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set the purchase scope to global or team