How do I make an item on the floor

Would adding items on the floor like the purple keycards in 1wo, the Fishtopia berries, and the key in Tag be possible?

ummm… you could use the item spawner device

you could do barrier art?

the item spawner device makes the item bob up and down, and I want it to be still

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idk then… like lostsea said, you could try barrier art. With that, an invisible button hooked up to an item granter

barriers are kinda big, and the items are kinda small, I don’t think it would work out

what kind of item are you talking tho?

! There is emojis you could use (Same mechanism tho)

You can’t do that, yet.
It’s not possible, I think.

The only way to make them like that is using the item spawner.

EMOJIS ARE THE KEY!!! (IT is a sentence ai dude)

oh, is it still impossible? alright then :frowning_with_open_mouth:

i dont think theres a gimberry emoji, but thanks lol

Yeah, but emojis aren’t the items in GKC.
There is no possible way to do it…

There is like grapes and corn and stuff (but yeah no gimberry)

i guess ill mark a solution, thank you all anyway though :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’m sorry it did not work out… :frowning:

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