How do i make an item granter add until the player dies

i need my game to have something so that when a players dies that specific no longer gets granted and item.

1, is the item repeatedly granted every few seconds and 2, do you already have the system to grant it yet if so?

Lifecycle (KO) → stop repeater. The repeater should grant an item every tick.

does it work for each player and doesn’t stop it for all players?

yes its bananas (dont ask)

Yes, it should stop for just one player. Do what ClicClac said.

ok thanks :moyai::moyai::moyai::moyai::moyai::moyai::moyai::moyai::moyai::moyai::moyai: :moyai::moyai::moyai::moyai::moyai::moyai::moyai::moyai::moyai::moyai::moyai: :moyai::moyai::moyai::moyai::moyai::moyai::moyai::moyai::moyai::moyai::moyai: :moyai::moyai::moyai::moyai::moyai::moyai::moyai::moyai::moyai::moyai::moyai:

its not working i have an alt in and this is what it shows

What exactly is not working?

90% of the time, things are usually set to activate and deactivate for the triggering player ONLY. Even the best of us make those mistakes sometimes.

its only working for 1 player

the item granterrrrrrrrrr.

Connect a lifecycle set to game start to a relay set to all players, then connect it to the repeater to activate it.


Then trigger → relay 1 → repeater to start the repeater, and the previous build to stop the repeater.

Ok thanks ill message you if it doesn’t work.

IT WORKED!!! thanks, there are a few bugs i will need to fix but so far that was the worst of it.

A few bugs like what?

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