How do I make an aura storage? (Makings Sol's RNG part 5)

Do not bring up save files. It’s not what I mean.

How would i make an aura storage like Sol’s Rng? I’m using items such as Heavy Shards and Starfish as the “IDs” for the auras, and I want to be able to somehow switch between them. If I need to swap out Usables for Gadgets, so be it. But if there’s another solution please tell me.


i think u ned to first create property to track your owned aorusosor wutever

and then use a popup to list them

and then make a long popup chain with each and blah blah blah

basically, unless you wanna lose all ur memory rn, its not possilbe

I think you would need anything you can hold for the aura (gadgets, ores, etc.).
Make an overlay button, “storage,” and then have a popup with the most common aura. There will be a string of popups that would kind of be like the aura index or whatever it’s called in Sol’s RNG (I forgor but I do play it). BTW I’m being lazy but there probably is a way to make a storage system with the popups. Also this would not work for buying storage… :frowning: Anyway, Create as many popups as there is holdable items or as many auras as you can for your game. For each popup there would be 2 call to actions: “Equip” and “Next Aura”. When Equip call to action is pressed it takes away their current aura/holdable and gives them a new one that is for that aura. Idk if properties would be needed or not bc again I’m too lazy to get into details (or else I would js make a mini guide on this lol) but if you really need me to then I will. Hope you can get ideas from this!

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This is a little inefficient, but maybe you can have a property list with an overlay on the top to switch between auras using said list, by having the number of auras stored in a counter/property, and having the selected aura number, and determining the aura that is selected. IDK, I have the IQ of a door.

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