How do i make a wire repeater gate?

I had a help topic a day or something ago and someone told me to make a wire repeater gate as the solution, but so i marked it solution and then realized i have no idea how to do that. can someone help?

Could you give more context?

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They might mean using a wire repeater to connect devices

of course, sorry. im trying to make one teleporter that goes to 2 places, one place if you are on team 1, another if you are on team 2

Wire repeaters are supposed to connect wires and repeat them.
It helps if you need to make two wires to a single device from a single device.

Teleporter confusion - #9 by Coffee this was the topic, @mysz said wire repeater gate

You could make a button connected to a wire repeater and your wire repeater connected to a teleporter.
Button Pressed > Relay Pulse (can only be triggered by team 1)
Pulse received > Teleport player here
Now repeat the same for the other team

Use a zone and connect it to two triggers (hidden and collision off), each trigger is team specific so only team 1 or two can trigger it. You can find this in the device settings. Connect each trigger to a different Teleporter
When player enters zone → trigger → teleport here
This doesn’t use wire repeaters.
Mysz probably had a different solution.

ok thank you!

thank you!!

wait if both of you gave solutions who do i give the solution to?

Place a trigger. Put this block code in the trigger:
Then set up two teleporters that will teleport the player there when they receive on the channel team1 or team2.

Actually, just use 3 Teleporters
Two will be the places to go and have the same group, however use the team setting to make it only team one or two
The last one targets that group
I saw in the conversation someone said they had team settings

That would work better.

Wire repeaters can block message for all teams except for one.

Im just going to give it to the first one. but thank you everyone!!!

Or use concentation
Broadcast message make text with team+team number

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Oh lol I’m an idiot yeah

You help create a field and you forget about it

Off of this. Use a wire going into a wire repeater. The repeater should only let team 1 through. It should have. Wire go to another teleporter. The same thing for team 2.