How do i make a time limit for hiding behind barriers?

my friends and I were playing my dodgeball, and they just camped behind the barriers the entire game and I got annoyed. I tried to make a time limit for the barriers, but it failed miserably.

umm, do where the barriers appear and disappear maybe.
Like repeater on game start that makes all barriers appear (but with delay of 10 seconds) then with a wire pulse of like 5 seconds delay it makes them disappear…it will make barriers appear and disappear every 5 seconds.

Zone → repeater (start) → counter (target value reached) → teleporter

Just add this:

  • Target value reached < teleport player here (In front of the barrier, or wherever you like.)
    That guide is how to use the repeater, btw.
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Use a wire repeaters delay ig

i tried this. i think my comp might be laggy or something.

thank you very much!

you could have instead of teleporting, respawn them or something…

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