How do I make a spawn point for only one team?

(I couldn’t find anything about this) I can’t find a way to make a spawn pad spawn only one team and I can’s find a way to make teams randomly selected with an even amount of players

Spawn pads have a setting:
Which team can spawn here?
If you input ‘team 1’, all players on team 1 will spawn with you at that spawn pad.
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There is an option for that in the spawn pad settings.

I know that, but after trying, I didn’t have an assigned team. how do I make it so you are assigned a random team?

Set game mode to free for all in map options.

lifecycle > relay random player > team switcher

or yea free for all

In map options, there are several team settings like that which can also assign x number of players to a team, or x teams among all players.

Hi, I think there is a setting in the team switcher device that is,

how to assign teams → random

Just look in the spawn pad settings. Make sure in the game settings, its set to teams.