How do I make a snowy survival game but with always one cursed?

I’m trying to make a game involving a wendigo


You could have someone randomly picked to be on another team. The cursed team.

You could use this tutorial Here but instead of an imposter use it as the cursed team.


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Make sure it is cooperative and have a lifecycle on game start → relay thus relay selects a random team → team switcher. That will switch one person as soon as the game starts

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is there a way to make them a different skin than the others

No that has not been added yet but you can ask the player to have a certain skin before the game starts


Yeah, @I-am-helpful is right. That should work.

is there a way to make one character

Lifecycle (Game Start) > Trigger Relay (Random Player

Relay Trigger > Switch Player To Configured Team (Team 2)

no I just meant one player wins at a time rather than all at the same time

What do you mean by wins?

instead of ending the game entirely the character leaves the game in victory while all the others are still in the game

You could switch them to spectator, but there is no practical way to do that.

could you tell me a non practical way to do it