How do I make a separate lobby for each player?

I’m making a Hunger Games style game, and I made a lobby but I don’t want players to spawn in the same lobby. Help pls? :c

do you want 2 lobbys?

@Saracha i cant help if you dont answer the replys bc i dont know what your talking about

thats true @GIMKIT.CRAFTS i agree

ok ill invite you!


Used separate spawn pads that are for the pre-game. Now change them so only one specific team can spawn there. Duplicate it and put one in each of your lobbies and change the teams so none overlap.

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oh sry i was busy these last few days and didnt get to responddd

I just want the same amount of lobby’s as there are players, so no one spawns with someone else before the game

If you place several spawn pads, players are more likely to spawn on one that no one else has spawned on

And if its ffa you can change the spawn pads to be allowed only for specific teams

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