How do I make a sentry not be able to shoot?

I’m trying to make a character you can talk to on my game but I need it to not be able to shoot at you.

Put a player scoped prop over it and then use a lifecycle relay combo to deactivate it.

Well you can put a terrain wall in front of it

what is a player scoped prop?

And if you want to talk to it you need a pop up or two

The show scope in one of the settings.

a visibility scope? I don’t see a show scope in the prop editing.

does it have to be a specific prop?

Guys, this is dumb. Just put it on your own team!!
WAit, does that not work?

That does work but I’m just going to do all of the solutions that you guys said.

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accually, if you put props, it might look, wierd, but its up to you

It may not exist for a prop, but it definitely exists for a barrier. You could just make an invisible barrier so that all teams can interact.

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