How do I make a score based on knockouts

I want to track deaths

so whoever gets the least deaths wins

Make a lifecycle to listen for players knocked out. Then, transmit that to a trigger.

Have the trigger change a property for # of knockouts per team scope. Put that property for the score, and call it knockouts. Then make it the least number win.

trigger doesn’t connect to property

Make a property, then have the trigger change the property in the block code.

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Also, can you or a regular change de@ths to knockouts?

Unfortunately, we can’t use wires for everything. Make a number property for knockouts. It should be player-scoped.

Wire a lifecycle (when player knocked out) to a counter (increment counter when receiving)

The counter updates the property “knockouts”

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Oh oops, I didn’t know you were using wires. (Edit: also meant to reply to you @Blake_the_GOD )

Also there is just a map option. It is pvp knockouts though.

wait guys, is there like a thing in the map options!? because we could skip all of this complicated stuff.


connect the trigger to a counter, then the counter connects to the property…

Yes, there is. You learn something new every day!

i found it

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do you want to know how to get to the map options faster?

its a wonderful bug some people including me have found to be real. you want proof I’ll give you proof

thats looks coool, never saw that bug before

you have to mess with the map options on a new world.

its a wonderful bug some people including me have found to be real

What do you mean that’s a bug?

I don’t know why it has that part though