How do I make a reviving station

how do I make like a reboot van like the one in fortnite cuz I want to add a reviving place for people that turned into spectators

You can’t revive spectators, but you can teleport players to another room when they die

How exactly does the van work?


oh reviving, whoops

oki I’ll try both

mines won’t work if u want to revive, it will only grant health

yeah it wont

Make sure to mark a solution. Do you still want to know how to revive the players though?

1 more thing, can you teleport them back by buying something?

Every player?


Connect the teleporter in the death room to an item granter.(player teleported here → grant item) You can make it grant whatever you want, but I would use a ticket. Connect a vending machine to a relay set to All Players. Connect the relay to a checker that checks if the amount of tickets you have is equal to 1. Connect the checker to an item granter (check passes → grant item) that grants -1 tickets, and also connect the checker to a teleporter in the main map (check passes → teleport here)

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well its like from the place where people are alive, then buy them there


Yeah, that’s what I did. To clarify, the people who are alive can buy something that makes the dead people revive right?


That’s what those instructions I put are for.

oooohhh I so sorry