How do I make a randomizer?

I need a randomizer that I can hook up to for fishing. Plz help!

use the system in this but dont include the life cycle and just use a hidden button How to Get a Random Weapon Upon Knockout! Difficulty đźź© or 2/10!

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you can either use blocks or a teleporter randomizer, I forgot how to use a teleporter randomizer, but you can

but beware it might be tedious and a bit buggy if u do it wrong


lol i just though of something maybe gimkit just made this forum so we can take their support teams job lol

I agree, that would be a lot of work for only like 5 people (P.S I don’t mean there is 5 people working, I mean there would probably be like 5 people on a support team)

Just follow that guide.

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huh never saw that guide b4

most likely that is true

That’s what creative is for

Actually, I believe there is only five people on the entire gimkit team. Crazy, I know.

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