How do I make a randomized MM character generator?

Okay, so I’m going to have anywhere from 3 players to like, 27. And I have enough character ideas for all of them, but I don’t know how to be able to make it so there will always be 1-2 murderers(s), (depending on the numbers), and 1-2 detectives (again, depending on the numbers.) AND, have other roles like Student be a possibility but not required. I know this is extremely specific and complicated but I really have a good idea, so please if anyone is able to help, that would be great!

You can use multiple relays that set several players roles. I’m not sure how you would make sure that a certain person isn’t picked twice. I’ll try some things.

Maybe have unique player IDs that are randomized, and certain IDs are the murd3rers and detectives.

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Thanks guys I’ll be looking out for the follow up.

  • how did you bypass the system and say murderers lol (nvm only plural version is allowed)

by depending on the numbers do you mean the boundaries are 1 and 2 or that’s the minimum?

Main setup:

Code for the trigger:

First counter settings (the one with the number 0 in the picture):

That counters target will depend on how many people you want to have the roles.
Other counter settings:

That counters target will depend on how many roles you have.
Every property with their settings:


Lifecycle on game start → trigger relay
Relay triggered for random player → trigger
Triggered → trigger relay
This will create a loop.
Counter 2 when target reached → deactivate trigger
This will stop the loop.

I really hope this works, I don’t have time to test it right now or many friends to test it with :joy:
You could also combine a live player counter to override the trigger depending on how many players there are.


I used 2 properties for the roles, but you could use just 1 using a number and setting the role property to the role being granted property.

One last thing: if it doesn’t seem to be working, I would get rid of the wire when triggered → trigger relay
and trigger the relay with a broadcast.

If this does work, I’ll probably make a guide on this, I thought this was really interesting to make.

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you should adjust image size and add a details/dropdown. I think it might work though!

you can put < *letters > between your word like this: kill

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