How do i make a player's score go up when they go to a room's checkpoint?


What you see is a leaderboard from Roblox Obbies (platformers). The stage point is how many checkpoints they stepped on.

I want to do exactly like this on Gimkit. Can somebody show me how to do this?

(note: the leaderboard will be tracked using a property.)

make the stage point a zone and make a counter with a scope of player and then make it go up when the player reaches the zone, Player Enters ZOne, Increment COunter

And then deactivate it

And then connect it to a checkpoint that activates when player enters the zone

Well, how do i make the property track the counter so it can send the data to the leaderboard?

ok hold on lemme find it

It is not possible
Screenshot 2024-01-03 10.32.28 AM

What do you mean by “Not Possible”? There’s a option named “Property” on the score type’s settings

Look for the counter there is something that says property and update property score

and make the property a number

thats basically it

My mind is in a different reality, and I am not a property user

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me neither. Just found it while trying to help fersion

I’ll check it.

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and set the leaderboard score to property

thank you, and you’re welcome. also do you want me to play with you in game through a padlet to help you

Padlet is blocked, so no, sry…

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oh… hopefully it works for you and you understand but you should probably mark a solution so this doesnt turn into a chat

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Also for the property, what should i set the default value to?

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well if they start at the first stage then 1 but if they dont then 0