How do I make a Pip-Boy from Fallout?

I’m making a Fallout game. There’s a key component in most games called the Pip-Boy which allows you to increase your stats like strength and agility. Any clue on how to make it and what I should use it for?

So use barriers for the background, and make a gim for the center, there are plenty of guides.when you press game overlay you need to k.ill your guy and have checkpoints everywhere. Unfortunately this is the only way so de.ath mechanics are kinda skewed but you could add some sort of checking device to see if button was pressed.

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I love fallout hope this helped!

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Making a fallout game???
Can I have a screenshot?

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You could make a suit if you want by making cords and poles then makeing notifications that colors are either yellow or gray and making them everywhere on the screen also a buffer.

This is the pregame lobby. My game’s still in the early stage, but I’m working to get it out as soon as possible.


Which version is it a model of? Not to be off topic, but I play 4.

Holy mole rats, this is my time to shine! I’m busy now, so no pictures yet.


Make a large barrier without collision. Make lasers going across horizontally with no damage, and make every other one named “1” and the rest “2”. Make two Laser Beam Managers under the same name. Make actual barriers to separate the inside from the outside, then a Camera View keeping it inside.

Depending on which Fallout game you play, you may need different configurations:

Pip-Boy 2000

For the Pip-Boy 2000 “button” models, put three deactivated buttons and three invisible ones for Stat, Inv and Data. Add teleporters below them, invisible, with the same target as their label. Wire the invisible buttons and teleporters together.

Pip-Boy 3000

For the Pip-Boy 3000 “onscreen” models, put 4-5 text objects labeled STAT, INV, DATA, [MAP,] and RADIO.
Put teleporters on top of these labels with the same target as their label. Make these invisible.

Put an invisible teleporter in the center of each page.
Now for the lethargic part: Duplication and modification. You will have to duplicate everything except the Laser Beam Managers 3 to 5 times, depending on model.


Stat will have a Gim with three percents- Left, right, and center. These will correspond to number properties, and in Blocks, you can make a thing where the text opens and says [create text with ((get value of {cripple})) (%)]. It’s not likely you will be able to show Perks or S.P.E.C.I.A.L.s in this screen unless you put in A LOT of effort.


Inv will have a text object for inventory items they cannot appear in the pre-made inventory screen - for example, if you are currently wearing Power Armor, this can show there, or consumables. However consumables will likely be few and far between since you can only have a couple corner overlays for Favorites. Also, blocks for text.


Data will show your current quests, or status effects. Say you have to talk to (name of NPC) to finish a quest. This’ll show here. Or if you used a Stealth Boy the Invisibility buff will show here. Once again, blocks for text.


Map is a minimap for fast-travelling. This’ll take a lot of teleporters and buttons, two teleporters for each primary location. if you want, you can take it a step further, and ask for confirmation before fast travelling, this’ll use Popups.

Radio + Additional info

Radio will near-permanently be defunct. It’s just for decoration.
Holotape Games are unavailable. Unless you’d like to sacrifice thousands of memory.

Also remember, most Vaults have experiments to exercise. However, Vault 41 does not seem to exist in the canon, so your experiment (or the lack thereof) is perfectly up to you.


@HotCocoaJax? It’s been a li’l while. Have you seen this yet?

Yeah, sorry. I wasn’t on the forums for a while. I’ll start testing these topics. Thanks for all of them.


So, how did it go? Anything good?

Just uploaded a demo. I have your solution in another map when I make the game full release. Thanks a lot for the help! Could you send pictures so I can confirm mine matches up?

Wait so is it in discovery?

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Yes, it’s called Vault 41 (Early Version)

@mutantSackboy4 Would you mind if I added you to the credits of the game as “Forum Assistance?” Sorry to be off topic

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Little advice, I played your game and it says best played alone, well you have it set to more then one person has to j0in to start the game, might want to change that in map settings.

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