How do I make a person with specific item drop that item on death?

So, I have this game where a person needs to hold on to an object the longest and they can knock each other out, whether they have it or not. But if I use the knockout manager to make them drop the item on death, then EVERYONE will drop the object, so there’s no reason to take people out. How can I make it so that when a person dies with a specific item, it’ll drop that item, without having everyone else drop it as well?

Clarification: This can’t involve having separate holder teams, I’m planning on possibly making it a team game and, either way, it would disallow people who don’t have it from shooting each other, making it pointless

Set the item quantity to 1 then allow one person to grab that item then start the game and make it to when a player dies with that 1 item they drop it. Hope this helps.

That’s the part that confuses me, how would I do that?

You also might need to make teams because it is easier to make it to were you don’t need to give a player that item, but any person who dies on that team will drop a specific item.

Set them as a team and the player will drop 1 item that is specific, to that team’s KO.

Is there any way to do it if it were already a team game? I should have asked that as well, my apologies

You are fine, and yes there is a way. I can show you but you can’t post codes on here, so get on Gimcouse. It allows you to postcodes so that I can log on to your map and help you. Because it is kind of hard to explain.

If you are on Gimcourse please mark a solution to this post.

Alright, this might take a bit, something came up.

Is it something I can help you with?

No, but thanks! It’ll just take a bit

Ok then, and welcome to the community!

Thank you! I’m glad to be here!

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