How do I make a painting in GKC?

Can someone show me how to make a painting in GKC?

What do you mean exactly?
pixel art?
or props?
or a way i have not heard of yet.


Use a barrier that is white for the canvas and use black and or brown barriers for the frame and then do barrier art (very detailed) to make the art piece.

would you like examples? (and is this as a tiny custum prop in a game or as artwork)?

Maybe use darker wooden poles as a frame and then a wooden sign for where the painting would be?

As artwork. Do u have any ideas for how I could make some scenes?

Will my idea work or no?

hmmm…is there any specific scenes you want, or do you have vague idea of scenes you want? (sorry for all the questions i just need certain info to help)

Vague ideas, plz.

Ummm…blizzys dragons fighting breathtakings wolfs…

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You could use text devices and then put emojis?

OK. Let me try that.

Length warning

Fox battling dragon
A pixelated world
Among us
Mario bros
Poppy playtime
Cops and robbers
A snowball battle
A gimkit house during christmas
One representing gimkit forum with people helping and stuff
One representing gimkit as a whole

more to come

Now just make this X100 smaller.

How’s it look?


Good (i would like but im maxed out so ) :heartpulse:


No problem. I’m just going to credit everyone in one solution.

Thanks for the help @Legobuilder, @LEPRECON2024, and @GimfishCollector! I really appreciate it! :grinning:


P.S. Can I make an art guide with this?

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i dont know…there are a lot of them already…
it would have to be special
and you must update it constantly to make it better than others since other art guides even art wikis are no longer updated.