How Do I Make A Murder Mystery Game Step by Step

I Would like to know how to make this game step by step, I really want to impress my friends

There is a guide on this, maybe>

Help with the Mm2 system

I don’t think there are any recent guides on this, but this guide leads to a guide on how to make this.

Yes, nevermind. This guide is unreliable because it didn’t work. There are several others for ideas and inspiration.

Yes but, I am trying to basically piece these together and make a game like mm2

You just need ideas on where to start?

Well, that’s simple. First, make a lobby where players begin. Then, make a role randomizer where players can become killer, hero, or innocent. You can make the killer and hero get weapons as soon as the game starts, and when the killer is done killing everyone, the game ends. When the killer is killed, the game ends. When at least one innocent person is left when the time ends, the game ends. Don’t have the same concepts, but have it similar.

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