How do I make a limit of items in someones inventory

I want to make it so people can only hold 10 fish at a time but I have different types of fish, so how can I do it like in fishtopia?

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You could have a lifecycle wired to a relay that is wired to a wire repeater that is wired to another wire repeater that wires back to the other wire repeater, and then have those two wire repeaters wired to a checker to check if the player has more than 9 fish at a time. If they do then do whatever you want to them. And make sure to deactivate the fishing mechanic when the check passes, but reactivate when it fails.

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Yes but there’s 4 different types of fish so would I do this for each fish type? But then wouldn’t that mean they have a limit of 40? Also how should I configure the wire repeaters, lifecycle and relay? And their wires?


Place down an inventory item manager, make it the item, and make a limit.
If this works, Mark a solution!

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