How do I make a Lazer tag thing?

I need to make a lazer tag for my game how do I do it??

Search before you ask you’re new though so it’s ok. Welcome to forums btw

Hi this is eli in yo 2nd hour

I would recommend this guide: How to make a laser tag gamemode. difficulty : đźź©

Bro what??? that is off-topic

Welcome to the forums. We hope you enjoy your stay! as for your question, you would most likely use sci-fi props like space barrier (the weird hologram barrier) and zappers or evil eye for weapons

You follow the creative tutorial that is how you make a laser sthing

Not really, that didn’t help me a lot (or others that I know). However, there are many different guides here on this fine site that will aid anyone in the making of anything.

try using a starting inventory, put a zapper or something in there

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welcome to the forums @Cjay_13 your gonna have a great time here!

I sure hope this person doesn’t have to go through what everyone else goes through… It really is sad…

??? what does everyone else go thru…

A lot of complicated stuff… Like how everyone else is leaving? Because of how bad the forms they believe it is? I’m leaving too. This place is getting too annoying if I’m being honest… For all the people that don’t know really what they’re doing at all…

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I was considering it myself around the FINALS post thing
I want to leave and don’t want to at the same time
at least we have interesting concepts on here
but really the demand for artists is annoying and people judging thumbnails and asking for so many and then asking for better ones

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I always thought that it was kind of annoying that people asked for thumbnails and like you know like you said how they were asking for better ones if it wasn’t good enough for their liking… It’s quite annoying.

i felt the same way… I still kind of don’t want to leave but I feel like I have to in order for to make things better… By the looks of it some people are saying that I am one of the ones who is part of the problem even though I’m not… I respect you foxy and I sure hope you put up some good works later on in life and make this forums better for others! Thank you for understanding if you did…I might as well go and leave now… " rather now than never. "

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cya if you decide to go
it’s sad seeing everyone I knew from November leaving
I do think we all have done something though and then improved
the rules were so much easier in November I got away with a dupe guide and a fa and only one flag and a lot less screaming then new users get today


i know this is bringing this back up, but I want to say something. you had a post saying u had no friends here, but I refuse to believe that. my bio says that I’m everybody friend. i know your leaving, but you you awesome here :blush: :smiling_face_with_tear: :blush:

wut do you mean?