How do I make a gim in my map?

How do I make a gim in my map that I can choose its skin and it can talk?

It’s impossible to do that

I’ve seen it in a map.

it is called fishtopia deep dive

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also if ur talking about a sentry, that is a device
but to make an actual gim, is impossible unless it is art


no in the game i am talking about there is a guy named Mayor Fishington

show me a screen shot

oh yeah it might be art

Do you mean sentries?

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I will in less than an hour hopefully

nvm i found the game

this is art
there is a sentry underneath
using a text they typed an emoji
and i think they used barriers
they also used text underneath to make a name

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istg if ur offline rn

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But I am able to talk to him

yea cause they have a button or smth

Use Bookshelves and Ceramic Plates for the gim.

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this isnt a real gim
it is jst a bunch of barriers and a sentry and a button

I think it looks like one because of this glitch.
(If it is a sentry)

Use these props if you want to make it as close to a gim as possible, but it will have to have 0 0 0 tint.
1 wooden plate for the head
2 bookshelves rotated slightly to make legs
2 ceramic plates for the bottom of the feet.
2 small metal poles sized down and layered above the bookshelves for the thin eyes.
Make sure to set everything to 0 tint except the metal poles, and it should look something like this:
If you’re confused, just ask me for help and I’ll walk you through it.

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