How do i make a gate that requires something

For example, i have to put golden keycard to open the door. I tried using button and popup, but it just opened no matter what object i have.
I want players bring golden keycard in order to open the door.

Place a vending machine and make it require a golden keycard but don’t put anything in the granted item.
Wire it to deactivate a barrier (device) or prop, whatever you are using as a door.

Wire the Vending Machine to your Barrier/Prop.

Item Purchased > Deactivate Barrier/Hide Prop

Hope this helps!


Thank you so much for your help!

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You’re welcome!
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I will just add some stuff in, there’s an option in the vending machine to disable on purchase, set it to yes, and also make the purchase action transmit on channel.

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Oh and an add on to what Haisi said, you can wire a button to the vending machine to atempt to purchase and put your vending machine as not visiable in game and put it out of reach of players. Then place a gate console on top of your button. Wire the vending machine to the gate console and button dissiapearing it or deactivating it when the item is purchased.

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