How do I make a couch look like it’s above a staircase?

Using layers how would u do that

Move it to the above layer.

Yeah but when I do that the couch looks like it’s sitting on the staircase instead of just being a prop on it

What do you mean?

Try taking a screenshot and send it here.

In the top left you can see all your props and barriers to move layers

@NightEnd, I suggest you send a screenshot so we can see the problem.


So here it is.This is like my spawn area and im trying to add sofas on the stairs but it looks like the sofas arent on the stairs and are just on the ground
How do I fix this.

2 things:

  • You have a code
  • I suggest you put the couch on only one layer type; currently, it would be on the step. Try it!

I dont really understand the first part.Could you please explain this:

You have a j0in code at the top-middle part of your screenshot. With that, someone could go onto your map and cause chaos. Also, codes aren’t allowed on the forum.


Ohhhh. Sorry lemme fix that

I fixed it now Thank you for telling me!
Does this look better now?

Yeah, great job!


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