How do I make a cookie clicker scoring leaderboard in GKC

I need help making my cookie clicker leaderboard to where It shows you whenever the games ends how many cookies or (brown seed in my case) each player has

Set score: tracked item.

Adding on:
Go to map options for that

this is all it says

Yeah, change the “score item” to brown seed

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ok what else if anything

why? he just said the solution…

oh wow it actually worked wow

but how do I activate the button to end the game whenever the person has 2,000,000 brown seeds

use a checker that checks for the item amount to be greater than 2,000,000 brown seeds since I doubt anyone will have exactly that for more than a second. Use a lifecycle set for game start and wire it to the checker. event happens → check. Then use a wire repeater and wire the checker to it. check fails → repeat wire pulse. Wire the wire repeater to the checker. Wire pulse repeated → check. Then get an end game device and wire the checker to it. Check passes → end game.

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oh they will have a lot more than than that in a second


and which one is the greater than sign this one > or this one <

that doesn’t matter. In the checker it says greater than in words but for your satisfaction it is this: >

ok thank you

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TYSM!!! My first solution

It did not work

what didnt work??

That did not work

but what about it didnt