How do i make a checker keep checking

how do I make a checker check over and over again until a channel

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You can use a repeater (or trigger loop if you’re a repeater-hater).

use a repeater or trigger clock

i tried that but it wont reapeat

then start it with a device (like a button or lifecycle)

wait but it starts with a lifecycle on game start

then is there a device stoping it?

im pretty sure that there isnt

wait, what is the check and how do you complete it?

it completes when a player has more than 3 green keycards

when you play it in game, do you have the keycards

otherwise you cant check if there is problem or not

yes, there are 4 sentries and when you knock them out they drop a keycard each

ok! rn brb

did you do it like this

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oh i did it where a lifecycle attached to a trigger and the trigger sends a signal that triggers the trigger and then when the trigger sends a signal the checker checks

is there something wrong with the trigger clock??

let me test it with the repeater

oh it worked thanks!

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5th solution .yay!