How do I make a buttun to deactivate all of my sentrys and one to just start the game normily?

So does anyone know if I can make a button that can be pressed by the players to make the sentries deactivate?

You can’t deactivate sentries

Would you prefer wires or channels?

You can deactivate sentries?! I had made a post kinda like this and this would’ve been helpful knowing that you can deactivate one!

He means stop from shooting (aka put a barrier around them (or switch teams))

And if there is a way to make a voting system for a lobby, for example, if they want the story and boss mode, then they can vote for that game mode.

Oh! I thought like turn them off. So I was right! That’s what I did, I put it on my team.

because I have a battle royale map with a bunch of bosses and sentrys

Isn’t a battle royale to fight other people, like fortnite?

well yeah, but I would like it to be a little different, and so you have to kill the bosses to get more of the gadgets

Sure! You can make it so that whenever someone enters a zone, it increases a counter by 1, when they leave it drops by 1
Then, you copy that over to another set of counters and zones.
When the game starts, use a lifecycle device to compare the number on the counters.

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Correction: properties, not counters (but it could be hooked up to a counter)

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ok that makes sense, and I would just have to hook that up to my lobby area then

And about your original query, make a button activate barriers around the sentries. Make sure the barriers are a few layers in front of the sentries.

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That would allow the sentries to be hidden.

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ok thanks, I didn’t even think of that

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You can deactivate them!! It’s an option for channels! Argh
Go to channels in the sentry settings
Deactivate/activate on channel (channel name)
I ran out of replies since I like am locked at tl0 for somereason

Really? I’m not so sure about that, check again.

Connect a button to a sentry. A wire setting should show up. Send a screenshot if it doesn’t