How do I make a button that everyone has to press to start the game?

I want to make a game but to start it, I want all players to press a button then when all players press it the game starts (not actually like start the game just the game play parts.) Any idea how?

Button → Counter(Updates NUM)
Number = Number of players in-game(Lifecycle → Relay → Counter that updates this property to count)
When NUM changes, broadcast CHANGED
Trigger Triggered when receiving on CHANGED
If NUM = Number
Do: Broadcast on START

Honestly I don’t think that’s possible but what do I know
wait what

It is very possible, but needs to happen in-game

You need to know the amount of players playing. correct?

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I’ll have to remember that

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How am i gonna know how many players are playing and not a specific number?

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Yes, you do.
Lifecycle → Relay → Counter(Updates Property Number)
Game Start → All Players → Increment
@Darkz341 This

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Thought so, basic knowledge, and blizzy, look at this.

Do you have pictures?

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Now try it.

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then i cant understand well

I’ll send you screenshots later

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