How do i make a border that teleports you touch it?

im making a fnaf based game, an to make it fair, i want the doors to set you to the begining if you hit them, im using borders for doors, so, how do i do that

Maybe use a zone and if players in zone make them respawn?

thats o good idea! ill trty that, thanks

If You need help with fnaf, look up “fnaf”, in the search bar!

Your welcome! If you need help with the moving animatronics I have a guide on that!

What @J.AI.C.F_Gimkit said would work but as an alternative, you can have the zones all broadcast on the same channel. That channel would then be put here

in a teleporter back at the beginning.

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did you ever think of lasers? you can make them deal 0 damage AND there is an option:
when player is hit by laser transmit on channel, you then either use the channel to teleport the player to the start OR you can just reapawn them, your choice.

Yes, but you can see the laser beam.

Make a zone and then when player enters zone transmit on channel then do a teleporter and say teleport here when receiving on that channel

if you make the laser color black then it isn’t visible