How do i make a automatic door only for one team

2 way door for one team and not the other

you could make a zone and wire it to a wire repeater that opens the door if the player enters on a specific team

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thank you very much …

didnt work very sorry

oh ummm do you want the door to open for everyone if somebody opens it or only for the team or only for the player on the team

only for one team tho

Use a relay, but what are you using for the door?

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What you can do is use a barrier for the door, have the barrier deactivate by team, and have the way to deactivate it like a vending machine or button only available for the one team.

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its just a really big stone wall

Then do the same thing and have the prop hidden by team

You will need
2x triggers
1x barrier
set the triggers to only be activated by players on a specific team

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Do button wired to a wire repeater set to the team you want, then wire the wire repeater to the barrier.

Use a relay and put it to a specific team (and make it whatever you want). Then make the visibility scope of the prop/barrier “team”, then make a wire from the relay to the prop/barrier
If you want to make this work when the game starts use a Lifecycle and wire it to the relay.

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