How do i make a activity feed? (RESOLVED)

Basically, i was testing a trigger with coding, and here’s the code:

Then, when i stepped on the trigger, guess what happened?

i stood on it, and nothing happened. Can someone tell me why? I need this for like some storyline.

Edit: Please don’t report me, i know i leaked a gamec0de, i just didn’t notice. I closed out the tab so no one can j0in.

Another edit: This isn’t resolved - and nobody helps me. And they are helping people

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idk what activity feed items are but maybe you meant broadcast channel instead?

That’s what activity feed means



Bump… please…reply for help for once…



okay. i just used something similar to this and it worked

ill try to see what i can do

@LxmasHaxTakis it works for me, the only thing is are you in fullscreen mode? if not it won’t work

Ohhhh, that might be the reason

I was so dumb that i forgot that i needed fullscreen mode