How do I make a 3d bedwars island

I am making a Bedwars map, and I found that no guide shows how to make a 3d looking island! so can anyone help me create a 3d island that holds the bed and stuff?

(I checked before I made this)

I don’t really think you can make gimkit 3D?

you can, its been done before (3d art)

I can, an island right? I will make a tiny example 1 second

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ok, this was what I came up with, but just a mini example

its a little off tho, if this helps Likes are really appreciated


So this was my idea, exept the mini version, the one you are making could be bigger

I also have an island similar, give me a minute and I can pull it up.

Wow! Nice island!

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Just use shading, and props. The stone is walls, grass floor layers help as well.

Hello again @California_Love

hmm that seems interesting i may or may not have my bedwars map still out idk if I deleted it or not

How about you make it so you shrink and the beds are huge and everyone fights over who gets the bed

To shadowdragon44

Hey. Did you want to work on the map?

Once again, it looks good.

Tough luck I was on today, just about to get off, and thanks.

Yeah. Nevermind. Maybe Monday.

Back on topic.

Yeah. Nevermind. Maybe Monday.
–For shure

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you can put the dirt below (as in layering) to further give off the 3d effect. However, you will need to put another line of dirt beneath the grass.

yea, I was just doing it quick…

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