How Do i make a 2-D only up game?

Im really creative and I have wondered if they added this function and I just dont know how to do it. Or im just slow. Either way I need my question answered please

You can’t yet.

Don’t Look Down, you mean? Or–

There’s currently no way in GKC :frowning:

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But search up jumping, there are ways to stimulate it in gkc.

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well sorta but like a 2-d battle royale version

Oh, I know what you’re talking about. Well, sadly, the mechanics are similar to “Don’t Look Down,” so sadly, there is no way to make the game.

If they do, (which will be eventually) I look forward to seeing it!

You can its extremly hard, josh found @Apoll02’s map, it is laggy, but it works.


I can briefly explain how to if you want.

can you make a guide on how to do it?


It would probably be more like @Blackhole927’s graphing calculator guide.

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