How do I level up my career level to publish My Gamemode?

Please help me!!!

play gimkit games like fishtopia or DLD or capture the flag

This is off topic, but if you do tag-domination with another tab as the second player then every time you buy an upgrade you get 200xp

Career Level is basically all your season levels combined, so just get some XP. So go answer some questions, climb to summits, catch rare fish, capture flags, etc.

Thank you everyone!!!

Your welcome! Now could you mark a solution?


One of the things I like to do is search up an XP farm on Discovery. Watch out for the weekly XP limit though.

I know a good way to do an XP farm if you want to know.

The best way to farm xp, undeniably, is to buy every upgrade in tag. This will give you 5k xp, and if you get good at it you can grind all your xp in just 12 minutes!

There isn’t a better method. This has been tried and tested by the Gimkit Discord.

Not to mention that you also get XP from answering the questions, unless all questions are correct.

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