How do I know when a player is knocked out by a sentry/laser beam?

I’ve tried using a knockout manager with the knockout target as a player, but it doesn’t work.

You don’t, only if you see them die, you can’t track how whith out a player KOing them. The most you can do is make a notifacation for when a player dies by that laser a notifacation will happen saying that they died via a laser.

You can use a laser making it broadcast for a notification
And for the sentry I’m pretty sure when u get eliminated it’ll show in the chat

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it doesn’t do anything if the ko manager isn’t connected to anything

It shows if a player is knocked out in the chat:
Screenshot 2024-01-03 12.08.06 PM

Is it possible to connect it to something using a wire/channel?

Yes, the Laser Beam has a “Player hit by Laser” wire/channel option.

Also, you can detect when a player dies but you can’t detect if they were killed by a sentry.
It’ll only really work for games without PVP because there’s only one way to get knocked out.

@2bHNST Replying to your post below, yes, it should be able to track.

So… If I set it to cooperative and PvP to off, it will be able to detect when a player gets knocked out?

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yeah, you can just use a knock out manager and it will automatically detect a KO, and you can make the manager do what you want it to do, but its the jist.

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I can’t quite figure it out.
How do I make a knockout manager detect when a player is knocked out by a sentry?

You can’t, unless you use the sentry have a channel to the manager, or a wire too.

Just go to the game settings and make sure the death messages are on.

Nevermind, I figured it out.
Just put a trigger and zone on top of their respawn point.