How do I/ is it possible to detect player movement in a specific area?

So I want to make a mechanic where if a player moves, it sends a signal to a laser and it activates. How do I achieve this, or is it even possible?
(I mean, it’s possible to make a million triggers scattered around an area and whenever it senses a trigger it does the thing but hey, that’s tedious + inefficient, so how do I actually achieve this?)

How big is the area?

pretty big, around 10 x 25 blocks.

Do you think I could help you in working on it?

Maybe Player Enters Zone, Activate Laser and Player Leaves Zone, Deactivate Laser

I feel the only option is to create a trigger which uses a channel to activate/deactivate the laser, then copy and paste it all across the area. You can drag to select multiple triggers and copy and paste those. It copies the data.

this could work, but there are a lot of disadvantages to it. We can’t sense small movements (unless you really go crazy and cover every single grid the player can possibly move to), and it would be inconvenient if I wanted to enlarge the area in any sorts, while being a complete drain of memory. I’m still trying to figure out a way to do this ;D

Yeah, sure! I’m actually trying to achieve something similar to red light green light, and I’m wondering is there any get-around to this problem.

Could you message me on discord because links aren’t allowed here?

I know this is literally one of the oldest posts on the forum, but I’m gonna answer it anyways, since this may be useful for other people.

Yes, using a quirk of zones, this is pretty easy. If you turn them on while the player is inside the zone, the zone won’t know until that player moves again, at which point it sends out a signal.

ignore the blatant necroposting :pray:

also, if you’re wondering how I found this topic, I was researching things for a movement detection-based sprinting system

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You could use a movement meter

Well, actually, I suppose you could activate it when in there, and then measure how much the player has of it and then measure the change.

But that takes a lot of memory and has a constantly shifting item, so it’s too clunky.

the player would just have a single item and if they move when the movement meter is active they will lose it then you can connect the movement meter to a respawn either through channels or wires so when you lose the item you die