How do i improve my lobby for my game

How do I make the lobby less empty?

You should add instructions or information about your game! Also, add a camera view device if you haven’t already so players can’t see outside

Also, welcome to the forum! I hope you find this place helpful!

By the way, forum tips is for guides about the forum and the wip tag is also for guides.

Welcome to the forum, @Nikcoma1! Looks pretty good so far! I suggest adding a few more decorations to make it more “immersive.” If you have a theme for your game, that would help.

Welcome to the forum, @Nikcoma1 !

Welcome to the forum, @Nikcoma1! Use this guide to help you figure out the forum:

try adding tables. (preferably infected). Yu can also change and very the flooring

What is the theme of the map? Sci-fi, infection, space exploration, etc.

if it is sci-fy ty taking it in an “infected” route.

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By the name of the game I’d say it’s a one-way-out-themed one with a bit mix of sci-fi.

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Alright, give me about 30 minutes and I will have a prototype for their lobby.

great can’t wait for pictures.

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No worries, thats what I am good at, art and design.

awesome @WolfTechnology

If it’s ok, I’m going to try and make one myself. Then, Nikcoma1 can have more options, or they can even combine the two!

This is what I came up with. Idk, made this really quickly. It’s not the best, but it’s just some ideas.


This looks really good

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That’s a really nice and clean lobby good job!

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I like that lobby a lot. Great job!

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Welcome to the forum @Nikcoma1! You could add some couches in the corners, some plants scattered around, and anything else that feels right.

i need help on my map it is cal basketball game