How do I improve my Capture the flag game?

I have been making a capture the flag game and I need to make it more challenging so that it’s more fun.

Add some secret upgrades or temporary boosts!
that you can buy

lots of obsticals, and wepons

Good Idea, but I’ve already done that.

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Simple. A lot of camera views to throw people off.

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A possible way to improve the tag flag game is to have quests that reward players with speed so that they can run faster from the other team. This would add an extra layer of strategy to the game, as players would need to decide whether to focus on completing quests or run from the other team unless they are gonna just attack the flag-.

  1. more upgrades
  2. temporarily power ups
  3. sprint button
  4. areas to unlock to make stealing the flag easier
  5. quests
  6. bounties
  7. teleports to unlock
  8. landmines to build
  9. wall and barriers to build
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