How do I hide name tags?

Long story short, I am making a hide-and-seek map, and because of this, how do I hide the name tags for a team?

Unfortunately, you can’t do that as of this update. Just tell everyone to have one character names.

Hide the leaderboard. You can do this in the map options. You could also force every player to be as ㅤ blank character using this guide: Backward Bear's Rithekd Clacian Myszian Haiasian Wingwavian Name Checker System | Difficulty: 🟩

That might not work though. Some annoying people just will not change their names (sigh) and you will have to manually kick them out until they comply.


Personally, @I-am-helpful, I would use

Well they could past this invisible character. Here is the link to the site where you can copy it. If the person doesn’t do this, it’s hide and seek, too bad for them

@raeB fair