How do i have a seeker go to a specific area for only a few seconds

How can i have a seeker go into an area for a specific amount of time

Connect whatever triggers them to go there to a teleporter. Connect the teleporter to a wire repeater with a delay of three seconds or whatever you like. Connect the wire repeater to a teleporter outside the area. Would you like an explanation about this?

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yes, could you please explain?

Basically, you would have something that triggers the player to go there, like a lifecycle connected to a relay. That thing is connected to a teleporter and the wire setting is set to teleport player here. That teleports the player to the teleporter’s location. The teleporter is connected to a wire repeater, so it will trigger it when a player teleports to it. The wire repeater has a delay, and it will wait that amount of seconds before sending a signal to another teleporter outside, which causes the player to get teleported outside.


thank you very much for the solution @NavyCatZ.


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