How do i give a random player a random team

Please help its for my escaping game

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Have a lifecylce wired to a relay with random player on random team to a team switcher

A random team is going to be hard and memory intensive, I can show you what to do but if it’s not necessary I would try something else.

that wouldn’t really give them a random team though. it would just be a random player transferred to a certain team.

A random team from what range? 1 - 60?

I may be a total id iot but use block code that will randomly select a channel on a player’s behalf, and for an example, if it picks channel “1”, it picks team 1.
Basically kinda how snowy survival works.

@LumpyDump No response, so I assume team 1 - 60.
First, place 60 team switchers, with each one for a specific team from 1 - 60. Set “Switch to configured team when receiving on” to team1 or something for each team switcher. For example, team switcher no. 5 would have team5, team switcher 35 would have team35.
Lifecycle > Relay (Random Player) > Trigger
Block code:

Create Variable team
Set team Random Integer from 1 to 60
Broadcast Message on Channel create text with team
----------------------------------------------variable team
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thank you you said what i said but better


But you can do a relay that has random player and wire it to a lifecycle that senses the start of the game.

What do you mean? You can’t wire anything to a lifecycle.

o ok